MEGÉR-TÉSZ Agricultural Sales Cooperative

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The trading division of MEGÉR-TÉSZ has a staff with decades of the experience in the area, specialised on the transportation of agricultural products. The division was supplemented by a foreign trade department in 2015.

The experts working in the field of trade closely cooperate with the tax advisory and accounting division of the production and sales cooperative, avoiding or minimising this way the waiting time in the case of export. They are also able to give fast assistance to members in issues related to the registry obligation to EKAER (Electronic Trade and Transport Control System).

Thank to the relationship system that was built it with great attention, the shipment of the products is possible to any part of Hungary. The wide range of sub-suppliers and the ever growing vehicle park allow the members of the production and sales cooperative to have their products collected at multiple locations at the same time.

Each shipment of products within Hungary or the organisation of an international transport is preceded by careful logistics planning so that the shipment takes place fast and smooth, free from problems.

In addition, a major goal of our cooperative is the expansion of trading possibilities, the search for new marketing routes and the enlargement of innovation activities in the existing and new market segments.

© 2016 – 2024. MEGÉR-TÉSZ Agricultural Sales Cooperative

© 2016 – 2024. MEGÉR-TÉSZ

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