MEGÉR-TÉSZ Agricultural Sales Cooperative

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All that is the fruit of the Hungarian land!

MEGÉR-TÉSZ Agricultural Sales Cooperative was founded in April 2015 as a collaboration of producers. The founding members, with decades of experience as producers, created the cooperative with the aim of representing their interest as much as possible – both during production and sales.

The foundation of MEGÉR-TÉSZ led to the birth of a producers’ association on firm foundations – a community whose members are capable of high quality production, sharing with each other the information and knowledge that they posses. As regards production technology and production process, the cooperative has operated since its foundation under the permanent control of an advisory professional.

The interests of the members are represented, in addition to the development of production, in commerce; a further objective of the cooperative is the sales of the crops produced by the members, the coordination of their purchases and the increase of the level of processing of the products. Beyond the organisation of the production process, an important task is the matching of the product range to demand – especially as regards quality and quantity – and the concentration of the supply side, the marketing of jointly produced goods.

An important mission of the cooperative is to inform the producers and the customers about the interests and aspects of each other – and, on the basis of this, exploring the cause and effect relationships, to make acceptable for both parties the changes in the level of the demand and supply, and accordingly the fluctuations of the prices of crops and products.

In order to stabilise producers’ prices we promote a cooperation of our members by which we are not followers but become dictators of the prices on the Hungarian market of agricultural crops.

We produce value – we create value!

© 2016 – 2024. MEGÉR-TÉSZ Agricultural Sales Cooperative

© 2016 – 2024. MEGÉR-TÉSZ

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