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The training concept of MEGÉR-TÉSZ Cooperative is as follows: knowledge and attitude shaping – together!

In the extended and diverse organisational structure of MEGÉR-TÉSZ Cooperative, an important pillar is the training programme of our organisation that was made up in accordance with the relevant legal regulations but by a specific model. Besides useful and practical knowledge, we attribute special significance to attitude shaping as well!

The Act on Adult Education (Act No. LXXVII of 2013) regulates those training institutions, in our case workshops accredited as institutions of adult education, which implement trainings preparing participants for qualifications acknowledged by the state, general language trainings and trainings implemented from state and/or community resources – with the exception of trainings regulated by public authorities.

In accordance with the regulations, on the basis of the condition specified above only those institutions are entitled to organise trainings which possess the aforementioned accreditation.

It is our pleasure to let all or present and future partners, and those interested in our work, know that MEGÉR-TÉSZ Cooperative complies with the conditions mentioned above – on our request, the competent authority issued a registry number E-001567/2016 for our cooperative, and approved of its operation as a training institution!

MEGÉR-TÉSZ offers the organisation and implementation of trainings in five areas:

  • trainings of attitude shaping;
  • trainings based on voluntary participation in agricultural issues (primarily eco/bio topics);
  • compulsory trainings (on fire protection, work protection, labour health etc.);
  • trainings of starting young farmers in addition to their compulsory trainings, and other trainings assisting farming;
  • trainings, in addition to compulsory trainings, related to short supply chains (SSC) of the Rural Development Programme.

Target groups of the trainings

  • farming members: agricultural producer members, starting young farmers, producers cooperating with the SSC
  • professional advisors – especially advisors specialised on ecological farming
  • members
  • other small-scale producers
  • occasionally: foresters, food processors
  • laypersons interested in the methodology and philosophy of ecological farming

Training model

Trainings are given a special role in the development plans of TÉSZ Cooperative. This area is also related to other areas, and so connected to the organisation development programme (strategy) they include training chapters related to the show farm programme of the Cooperative, the building out of the single background services of eco- and bio-production, the operation of the central registration and documentation system, the switching of TÉSZ members to ecological farming and the projects of eco- and bio SSC tenders.

Attitude shaping that is part of the trainings is also connected to School Fruit programme. In addition, the further training of professional advisors serves the development of the professional background.

Accredited trainings run now by TÉSZ

  • „Why is bio-farming good?” – general Type „D” vocational training, introductory training (one-day training for attitude shaping, introduction to ecologically clean and sustainable farming) – licence number: E-001567/2016/D001

External partners of MEGÉR-TÉSZ in the organisation of trainings:

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Dunaújvárosi Regional Planning Office
Pangea Petény Consulting Ltd.

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© 2016 – 2024. MEGÉR-TÉSZ

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